"An acting coach or drama coach is a teacher who trains performers – typically film, television, theatre, and musical theatre actors – and gives them advice and mentoring to enable them to improve their acting and dramatic performances, prepare for auditions and prepare better for roles."

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Support for Directors

“A good director creates an environment which gives the actor the encouragement to fly.” – Kevin Bacon

– Guidance/assistance to directors before and during  productions: e.g. guidance with casting, rehearsals and on-set coaching of actors, to ensure that director and actors are well attuned to each other and bring out the best in each other.
– Also: off-set coaching. Assistance in making casting-, rehearsal-, and shooting plans and help in articulating vision.


MISFIT der Film kopie

Character depth for Actors

“The actor has a built-in broken heart, which helps him to understand, but doesn’t help him win (…) The actor pays a price, and that price is his heart” – Stella Adler

Acting is a vulnerable profession and at the same time it is enormously empowering. Working with an acting coach gives the actor the opportunity to explore the soul of the character more deeply and to apply this knowledge. 
– Personal coaching for actors before and during productions and before and during castings.
– career planning guidance.


Workshop & Masterclasses for Professionals

Hiddenways Academy provides a range of training courses. From longer workshops for directors, actors and young professionals to shorter Masterclasses.
In these workshops, directors / actors do in-depth research into the acting profession. We use a mix of theoretical and practical exercises.

New Talent - Young Professionals

“Be true to yourself and you will never fall.” – Mike Diamond

Hiddenways Academy works in partnership with different institutions to discover new talents and help them in their development.

Hiddenways Academy also works closely with several production houses to connect these Young Professionals with companies in the field.



Hiddenways Academy - Hidde Simons

Hidde Simons is the founder of Hiddenways. He is a highly qualified acting coach and has years of experience working on a variety of sets, within varying functions. He still regularly works as a director and also has several credits as a producer. The advantage of this is that he can empathize with all the people who contribute to a production. This allows him to be the empathetic link between the production and the actors. There is nothing more gratifying than helping someone to discover their hidden talents and make them visible. Everyone benefits from that.

Support for Directors 100%
Guidance for Actors 100%
Coaching Young Professionals 100%
Workshops & Masterclasses Acting and Directing Actors 100%


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What our clients have to say

" "Hidde directed me with benevolence, insight and accuracy, in a way that brought my performance to a level I didn't expect.

It was truly a rewarding and meaningful experience and I would certainly vouch for Hidde as a personal acting coach."

"I was nervous to be working remotely on such an emotional and intimate scene with a European director on another Continent. However, the minute we began the scene, it was as if Hidde was in the room, guiding me, encouraging me and bringing out my character with a warmth and understanding.

That immediately put me at ease and resulted in a performance I am proud of. I would highly recommend Hiddenways and look forward to collaborating with Hidde again."

"Working with Hidde gives guarantees that you get the most out of a scene. Especially when there is minimal time for rehearsals”

Ilias Addab
(Leyla M. , Domino, Swanenburg)
"As a director you have so much to think about. It's very nice when someone can support you with working with the actors.(...)

Hidde speaks the 'language' of actors... He almost acts as an interpreter."

"The calmness Hidde can bring to a group and the clear tools he can provide ensure that even inexperienced or novice actors have enough set confidence to shine on the silver screen."

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